What does ASME have to offer students?

ASME is the international mechanical engineering society that links professionals across the world. The society is split up into districts, sections, and chapters. Each district hosts conferences such as the Student Professional Development Conference (SPDC) and the Student Leadership Seminars (SLS) and spans a large area (Section A, our section, encompasses most of the northeast of North America). We are members under the Philadelphia section which hosts multiple industry speakers and networking opportunities, some of which we attend as a group. The Drexel chapter offers weekly meetings with local engineering companies (e.g. Boeing, Acero Precision, Lockheed Martin, NASA, etc.), fun volunteering opportunities, tours of local facilities like the Comcast Center, and entertaining group events like paint balling.

What about upperclassmen?

Upperclassmen may feel that they have exhausted all that Drexel ASME can offer, but much more can be attained by asking. Anyone can apply for open positions in the executive board to help manage the events and offer ideas for new opportunities. No one can network too much and everyone can always learn something new; guest speakers rarely repeat their presentations. Freshmen are constantly coming in and could use some help getting adjusted to college and passing those fundamental classes; why not supply your knowledge? This student section is driven for students, by students and the only way we can continue to offer exciting events is if upperclassmen help create them.

That sounds awesome, but how do I join?

To join the Drexel chapter, simply come to our weekly meetings and sign up for our weekly newsletter that highlights our upcoming events. Talk to any of the chair members at the meeting or stop by our office in the basement of the undergraduate lab to grab a sign up form for national membership. National memberships are free for freshmen and only a small cost for other students. Anyone can apply for national membership via our sign up sheets or through asme.org.

Why should I become a national member?

Aside from discounts to our chapter events, national membership offers plenty to ensure your money is well spent. ASME National offers many networking events including the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) as well as numerous resources for research and job searching. The new ASME website allows users to network similarly to LinkedIn, but all tied into the organization's affinity groups and interest fields. ASME National also offers its own Online Career Center and an eLibrary that is host to thousands of documents. Members can easily connect with fellow engineers in their fields of interest and can stay up to date with all the latest trends in the industry.

I have class during general meetings, how can I still be involved?

Our general body meetings are not the only time we meet with or discuss engineering topics; we also have many weekend events. We have social events like paint balling and the auto show; tours of various facilities like the Comcast Center and companies' facilities; and volunteering opportunities throughout the Philadelphia area. We also compete in some competitions, primarily ASME's Student Design Competition. Check our events page for full details on each event. If you ever need help in getting more involved, ask us.

I want to become more involved, what else can I do?

Start getting involved in ASME with your local chapter. Drexel ASME has many executive board positions to help with organizing events and spreading the word. With minimal time commitment, you can easily learn how the organization works and help improve it. Move up the chain and run for one of the four chairs in the Spring. Continue past our local chapter into the district's student section where you can help a large region with various schools in organizing joint events. This organization can only offer as much as you are willing to accept, yet there will be new opportunities you will have never had faced before. To start getting involved, simply let us know and we'll be in touch.