SPDC Student Design Competition

Posted on 02/12/2013 by Ross Morris

If you are looking for the SPDC website (since Google's indexing hasn't updated), head here.

Every year ASME hosts a number of competitions through SPDC (Student Professional Development Conference), one of which is the Student Design Competition. The competition tests students' ability to create solutions to real world problems and compete against other schools to see whose is best. This year's theme is light-than-air UAV, but it has turned into whom can build the best quadrocopter.

Drexel ASME is still accepting members to compete this year and build the UAV that will succeed. Competitors have the chance to go to SPDC on the east coast (which happens to be at Drexel this year) and should they win, they receive a paid trip to compete internationally at IMECE (International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition) in Montreal, Canada to compete for a larger cash prize.